The lines of language education: a mexican case

Sometimes there’s a lack of information, data and discussion about some topics because the minor interest that represent for the people who live it; so to argue the next text, I needed to use my experience of my everyday life again, but currently the most resourceful base for critique.

For about almost of my levels of basic and superior education, I saw that the study of the English language was an ever presence in the academic curricula. Most of this academic life that I had in the study of languages was particularly in English, which wasn’t one of my favorite subjects. Nonetheless, at some point the knowledge opened the doors to much information, especially that which needed time to be translated or interpreted by some people or institution into Spanish material.

However, what most has surprised me is the fact that, despite these efforts, the minority of my acquaintances have a good level in the language. What seems to be actually is the knowledge of some phrases or words, but without an integration that can make some sense. What can be behind this phenomenon? I think in two suppositions: One could be that because the imposition of a foreign language study must be felt annoying, especially because the country that most encourage it is the United States, which is not particularly a good example of a motivation because of its unique culture perceived here.

Another idea, which not necessarily excluded the previous one, is the fact that even Spanish language education is not a good example of national pride. The deficient system of education has also privileged Spanish over the other regional languages within the country. So, what to expect, if all the language education in general is only reduced to the barely information, enough only to make a basic communication, if ever?

Well, the answer might not come from me, because indeed need a reflection of everybody, which cannot be excluded from the other dimensions of the global project, the macrodimension of the micro personal life.

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