Excuses for entertain our ignorance: Michael Jackson

I wait a little to see how the phenomenon was developing, which seems to have no end. In general, there’re always moments made to distract the population of bigger issues, but now in 2009 there were some which had a big impact in global media. Off course I’m talking about the influenza (BTW, there’s a post about it) and now Michael Jackson.

It’s incredible how the collective unconscious and memory are easy to manipulate, so fragile that change all history in immediate actions. The amount of money that was mobilized in the world around the death of him was so big, absurd and incomparable. But the strangest thing is for “who” they’re honoring.

Michael Jackson was without a doubt a talented entrepreneur, with very good music, but not the most prolific one, just “entertaining”. However, they’re honoring someone who changed his skin color, deformed his faced due to multiple surgeries and apparently “slept” with children (legally not, but come on, who believes that).

More important than everything above, they’re celebrating that he was the best selling artist in the world. Now I wonder; Do we celebrate someone who sells a lot? Do we celebrate someone who is rich because of us and later spend the money in garbage and stays in debt?

Now Chinese investors want to build a neverland ranch with costs of a $14.6m, money that could be invested into something better like food, houses, security or whatever that the population needs the most.

He wasn’t a hero; he never did something for the development of the humanity, so he doesn’t deserve that kind of honors. He even didn’t do something for his own personal development, just for the development of pop entertainment. But, beyond that is that if wasn’t for his death, we will be mocking of his freaking lifestyle, as always.

For an example of how he spent his money, just see this part of the documentary “Living with Michael Jackson”. The segment that I want to show you begins around minute 4:30.

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