My trip to Canada: Toronto & Niagara Falls

Dates: 29-11-05 to 03-12-05

It was my first time out of Mexico, and also notably, my first trip alone (no friends, no family, nothing). Well, it was a strange experience using all the English knowledge I had trying to convince the airport workers that I wasn’t going to stay there; in fact, there were two main reasons to visit Toronto. First, being a huge fan of Depeche Mode, who were in a world tour not visiting Mexico so far then, I chose to going abroad in order to see them live. Canada didn’t required visa then, so it was easier. Second, well, I really wanted to go abroad at least once.

I arrived at night, but there was a very resourceful aspect that I didn’t counted for, Mexican friendliness, especially if having a common objective, the concert. There was a girl who helped me in there, and also were her friends boyfriend, who was living there. They showed me the city, neighborhoods and stores.

But the language barrier was also present, once I went to my place to stay, I asked for directions to some Canadians, but my accent wasn’t so well. Also, I had trouble with the Asian receptionist, who also had a lot of accent issues with English. The food was also a problem, since it was expensive and fatty, maybe because of the cold temperature, but still something not accustomed for. 

Nonetheless, I went with my new friend to the CN tower, one of the highest observation towers in the world. The view is beautiful from there, despite the lacking of sun at the moment. Later, we went to the University of Toronto, which has a beautiful architecture. We entered one of the acting workshops, in fact, the first time I was attending a class or something in a foreign country.

Later we went to the Air Canada Centre to attend the concert, another huge gig of this trip. Canadians were more serious at it, but still seeing my favorite band live for the first time was a unique experience, no matter what. I remembered still singing after the end of the concert.

The next day we went to the Niagara Falls, the final marvel to see. Despite the cold temperatures, I was astonishing at them. So pure, so fantastic and incredible. If wasn’t for my new friend, I could went frozen. I remembered the town, a kind of casino like place.

In my final day, I woke up early in the morning in order to reach the airport as soon as possible, however, that’s not the same for my fellow Mexicans, who arrived late in our return to home.

A first time for a lot of things, but definitively not the last of any of them.

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